“Thank you lots and lots…….. I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to look over my son, KP’s DWP tribunal papers. It has been a difficult and frustrating process but we have to accept that KP will not get further help because of the type of mortgage he has. DWP rules are so old they take no account of ISA and PPS. It seems discriminatory as I feel rules should have been updated to include the different mortgage types. Anyways, I thank God that our world is still full of wonderful, kind, caring and helpful people like you … It was so kind of you to try and help us and we do very much appreciate it. We now have the task of working out how KP can repay the capital on his loan when it’s due. It will work out somehow. Thanks again for being such a nice guy.”


“Thanks soo much! God Bless”


“Thank you. TolTops Solicitors, I have waited for long to have this opportunity to show my gratitude about all the support you gave to me and the children during all my different Family proceedings. I just want to let you know that I am very grateful and that words cannot really express it. One more time Thank you very much .“


“Thank you for a good result on my Housing matter. I was very satisfied with the level of service you gave me. I found the advice given to me easy to understand and follow, and my solicitor kept me updated with progress of my case very well. Toltops staff is friendly and very good; I was treated fairly at all times. I shall spread the word around.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you…..I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. The change in MO since the final hearing is very noticeable, he is a happier and smiley little boy, now that he does not have to worry about contact.”


“Thank you so much for your help and support. This was a tough case, I was already giving up as I had lost hope, and planning to return home to Ghana, but TolTops gave me the confidence and strength to continue as you fought hard and turned my case around.

“Great service……..very helpful, very understanding, very professional and compassionate”

“ Professional, determined to get to the truth………….When I barged into TolTops Solicitors crying my eyes out. They gave me space to calm down then they spoke to me. Then they encouraged me. Then they gave me hope. They have worked on my case tirelessly, determined to get to the truth. I have been supported without an end date. I have won my case. TolTops have succeeded where FOUR other so called Solicitors have failed to get to the truth. I will never forgot the support, hardwork and dedication from TolTops.”

“You have done a satisfactory work, nothing more…….This is a work well done…….More crease to your elbow…..”

“Your team gave an excellent service and were very supportive. Many Thanks!”

“Thanks for always being positive and for going the extra mile always!”

“Thank you for your patience, guidance and support.”